Selema Farms is a livestock farming company keying into the Governments vision of growing beef and other meat at the Oloba Ranch to enable and aid the supply of a certain percentage of livestock into the meat market in Nigeria.

In recognition of the agrarian nature of State of Osun and its enormous potential for employment generation, youth empowerment, economic transformation and making the state a hub of agriculture and a center of commerce in the South-West. The objective of the project is to key to the vision of State of Osun O’Beef program in:

  • Developing the farming industry.
  • Boosting the state economy.
  • Youth empowerment.
  • Alleviating poverty and creating employment for its teeming youths and rural dwellers as this will stem the tide of rural to urban migration.
  • Create a vibrant rural economy and agricultural map that offers attractive opportunities to the people
  • Invest substantially in the ranch; expand and manage the facility for the purposes of cattle, goat and sheep rearing.
  • Job creation for the youths.
  • Reduce migration of skills to urban areas.


The goal of the project is to improve the livelihood of small holder farmers in all the L.G’s in State of Osun. As the scheme manager our responsibilities are listed below but not limited.

To make Oloba Ranch a business hub with a vision and mission to establish a Centre of Excellence in Cattle, Goat and Sheep Research that will breed and distribute animals of high genetic potential to enterprising groups from rural and urban centers for rearing and consequently play the role of a buy-back facilitator.