We breed in commercial quantity a large herd of Cattles (White Fulani, Bokolo & Ndama), Sheep (Balami, Yakasa & Uda) and Goats (West African Dwarf & Sokoto Red) , at Selema Oloba ranch located in Iwo, town in Osun State.
We are raising Balaami Ewes and crossing them with Udder and Yakasa Rams, we are also cross breeding WAD and Sokoto Red in both cases to to produce Selema hybrid of Rams, Sheep and Goats that retains the unique flavor and taste of local meat but much improved weight, a disease resistant breed with better economic value, we project to raise 15,000 to 18,000 goats by 2020. We have cow for sale all year round.


We buy bulls from Northern Nigeria (Bokolo, White Fulani and Ambala) between 220-250kg and put them through an intensive 120 days fattening program and achieve weight gain of minimum of 100kg. We also fatten goats, we have goats for sale all year round.


We apply hygienic abattoir meat processing to our bulls, ram and goats using abattoir facilities instead of the common slaughterhouse process. We deliver live, carcass, offal, ponmo and head of hundreds of Cattle, Goat and Ram on demand.
We deliver in cold storage processed beef, mutton, lamb and others to your doorstep on demand.

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Note: *Additional charges apply for cleaning up and delivery